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Torchmark Corporation and its affiliate companies care about protecting your privacy. In the process of providing a response to an inquiry or request submitted via this website, we may collect, use and share certain information that you provide to us. This Website Privacy Policy explains what information we collect through this website and how we use that information. The Website Privacy Policy also explains how we protect the security and confidentiality of such information. The Website Privacy Policy does not apply to information that we collect in any fashion other than through this Website. By submitting a request for more information via this website or any affiliated company’s website you will be contacted about job openings at the local offices of our affiliated companies.

Collection of Personal Information
We collect and may retain personal information that you submit via this website by way of an inquiry or request. We use such information in order to provide a response to your inquiry or request.

Confidentiality of Personal Information
We will not disclose the personal information that you provide to us via this website to any third party except for the following: (1) communications with an authorized representative in response to your inquiry or request; (2) communications with a third party in order to respond to your request or inquiry; or (3) communications necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations. We may disclose the personal information that you provide to us via this website to affiliated companies. “Affiliated companies" means entities that are controlled by or are under common control with Torchmark Corporation.

Internal Protection of Personal Information
We restrict access to the personal information that you provide via this website to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide a response to your request or inquiry. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to comply with federal regulations to protect this information.

Opt-out Policy
Anytime after you have submitted a request for information via any affiliated companies websites you desire to no longer receive e-mails from the affiliated companies you may opt-out of future e-mails by visiting our opt-out link. Please allow two to three business days for the removal process of your e-mail address to be complete. Torchmark Corporation, 3700 S. Stonebridge Drive, McKinney, TX 75070.

Disclosure of the Website Privacy Policy
This notice is posted for informational purposes. We may amend the Website Privacy Policy at any time and will update it as required.

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